Challenges of the Sea

Challenges of the Sea

I’m pretty excited for the next batch of selections we’re having in our Reading 6 class. The unit’s theme is Challenges of the Sea.

We’ll be perusing a chapter from Sperry’s Call It Courage–Mafatu and the Ma’o (shark). There’s also a chapter from another YA novel. It’s about the heroine Paloma who survives a series of unfortunate events (i.e. leg cramps, shark attack).

Now, that’s two stories that present the terrifying side of sharks. But worry not shark protection advocates because there are also non-fictions that discuss the not-so-explored nature of sharks–how they use their senses to find food. Then I plan to insert mini-lessons on the different species of sharks, shark captivity and conservation.

I’m dying to have the mini-lessons because I’ll be wearing (for the first time in my teaching career history) a (shark) costume during some parts of the lesson.

On the more local side, we have some selections about a secret island, muro-ami, fishboys and Badjaos.

I have also asked my pupils to ready their sea-related trivia every meeting.

It feels great to be a teacher when you have those ideas pouring in.