Pumping Up the New Year

Going back to school (and work) after an almost two-week vacation is an enormous challenge to some students. Rarely would you find a class with all the students present after the holiday break. The Holiday Syndrome.

So Teacher, what do you do on the first school day of the year to pump up those sleeping neurons?

The writing of New Year’s Resolutions is a staple in many classes–from kinder to grade 10. True story. (I guess that’s one reason why some students opt to miss the first school day of the year.)

Today, I almost did the same.

  • In my sixth grade class, my pupils listed down the good practices (last year) that they will continue doing this year.
  • In my third year class, my students wrote a letter to 2013. Personified version of 2013 actually. They made requests,¬†whispered¬†their wishes and bargained with him/her.
  • In my third grade class, my pupils wrote a ‘thank-you’ poem to God for all the blessings/gifts He blessed us in the previous year. I’ve provided the first and last line of the poem, so technically it’s just a list poem. Regular rhyme scheme was emphasized during the writing activity. This is where the real challenge begins.

So Teacher, how did your day go? Share your best practices and let’s begin the new year right.merry