Room for Improvement

It is my fifth year of being an adviser and I’m back to my favorite level–grade 4! (I tried handling a grade 6 advisory class last year.) Yay!

I’m also glad that my passion for classroom designing is still intact.

While I was working (i.e. cutting, pasting, pasting, brain-squeezing) this afternoon in  my classroom, I’ve realized that designing a classroom is something that I am actually good at. This is a very indispensable skill that I hope to share with others.

I hope that Art Education classes would develop this among pre-service teachers.I hope to influence more teachers in creating informative, educational, inviting, theme-based classrooms without spending much–the earth-friendly way 🙂

Just the right combination of creativity, research and hard work, I must say.

Here’s a glimpse of my 5 advisory classrooms. Enjoy! Click the thumbnails 🙂


Theme: Outdoor Land Sports


Theme: Nature-Conservation


Theme: Transportation


Theme: Birds and Eggs


Theme: None